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Wines & oil near Ventoux

Domaine Purviti offers you the direct sale of organic, biodynamic and natural wines around Ventoux. The vineyard extends over 11 hectares on multiple soils, rich in complementarity, producing wines of great freshness on different Rasteau, Vinsobres and Ventoux terroirs. Our wines offer all the energy of our terroir and the complexity of these lands, shared around incredible encounters. Opening a bottle of our wine or our olive oil means placing your meal under the sign of well-being and good humor.
Discover our certified organic wines and our other cuvées.


Our olive oil near Mont Ventoux

Domaine Purviti offers you an extra virgin olive oil, benefiting from the “first cold pressing” designation. It is reserved for craftsmen who produce olive oil in accordance with traditional production.

The estate’s olive grove is made up of “tanche” and “verdale” olive varieties. Cultivation is carried out without chemical weeding and without chemical fertilizers.

And our choice was naturally directed towards a mill which knew how to preserve its traditional manufacture, respectful of an ancient know-how.


Olive oil and your health

Bet on the incredible benefits of olive oil for your health! One or two tablespoons of olive oil every day, or 15 to 20 ml, will provide you with omega 9, monounsaturated fatty acids. These “good fats” help maintain the flexibility of the arterial walls so that blood pressure remains low. Our superior category olive oil is obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical means. It should be stored away from heat and light.