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Natural wines and olive oil

Protecting and re-enchanting nature,
cultivate well-being.

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Biodynamics, Natural Wine.

Biodynamics is organic farming, a way of life that places balance in the meaning of everything, a return to basics and above all to freedom.

Faced with this nature which is sometimes unleashed in the form of hail, frost, too much or not enough rain, to express to us that in the end it is she who decides, humility and courage are essential.

Regenerate depleted soils, restore lost organic life, heal with plants endowed with great intelligence, we have everything to learn from the plant world.

This dimension is global, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, from earth to sky with the influence of lunar cycles, constellations, respecting the seasons.

Biodynamic viticulture in the Vaucluse

Domaine Purviti offers wines full of energy, around Mont Ventoux, classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Our natural wines go perfectly with your dishes, from the most reassuring to the most surprising. Our work and our commitments allow us to produce very fresh organic wines from various Côtes du Rhône Villages Valréas, Rasteau, Vinsobres and Ventoux appellations. These appellations guarantee the origin and the quality of the production methods of our wines.

Our History around Mont Ventoux

Dare… to be yourself !

I introduce myself, Ingrid Nueil, independent, intuitive and curious about life.

After a professional career as general manager in wine cooperation, my need to feel fully alive made me decide to make my sweet dream of becoming a winegrower come true, a return to basics, to the essentials but above all to freedom.

The resumption of a wine training taught me the right gestures, the good times by listening benevolently to visible and invisible nature.


This great journey through the plant world and this desire to make my contribution to taking care of our earth brings greater wisdom.

Biodynamics helps to cultivate calm, serenity, and allows me to fully express my creativity through different vineyards rich in their personalities.

From there was born Purviti, a tribute to the purity of this grandiose nature.

Domaine Purviti now has 11 hectares of vineyards on multiple soils, rich in complementarity, producing wines of great freshness on different Rasteau, Vinsobres and Ventoux terroirs. Our estate is evolving and developing a new range of natural wines “Dans Notre Nature”.


Our olive oil

The olive grove is made up of the tench and verdale varieties of olives. Cultivation is carried out without chemical weeding and without chemical fertilizers.

My choice was naturally directed towards a mill which knew how to preserve its traditional manufacture respectful of an old know-how of which there are still very few today.

The oils thus benefit from the denomination of “first cold pressed” olive oil. This appellation is reserved for craftsmen who produce olive oil in accordance with traditional production.

Bet on the incredible benefits of olive oil on your health, one or two tablespoons (15 to 20ml) of olive oil every day.

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical means. Store away from heat and light.

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